Faculty Recruitment


Is music pedagogy your passion?

If your goal is to pursue a career in studio teaching, Conservatory of the Ozarks could be the perfect place for you.

What we are looking for:

An ideal candidate would...

  • possess or be pursuing a music degree (bachelor's degree minimum)
  • desire a full-time, lifelong career as a studio teacher
  • feel passionate about helping students blossom
  • be excited to become a part of the Conservatory's performing arts community

Although the ideal candidate would be a gifted and disciplined performer, his or her 1st professional priority would be fulfilling the duties of a music instructor position at the Conservatory. An ideal candidate would be aware of his or her strengths and weaknesses and personal philosophy of education. The ideal candidate would be adept at teaching a wide range of students, from young children through senior citizens, and from beginners through adults. An ideal candidate would see the calling of music educator as sacred, and would dress and behave in a polished and professional manner while representing the Conservatory. An ideal candidate will not just be punctual for lessons, but would arrive early to ensure a smooth start with their first student of the day. An ideal instructor would think creatively to inspire students with fun and interesting new projects designed to create musical growth.

We are hoping for a focused, organized, driven, enthusiastic music teacher to join our faculty of professional instructors. The music teachers at the Conservatory go above and beyond the minimum standard of expectation for music lessons. We strive to delight our clients by leading them to musical growth & development, providing performance opportunities, and establishing strong personal connections between teacher and student.

At the Conservatory, our most popular disciplines are

  • Piano
  • Voice
  • Guitar
  • Drums
  • Songwriting

So we can meet the needs of our clients, an instructor whose primary and secondary proficiencies fit with these categories would be a top pick for our organization.

At the Conservatory, we are striving to build an institution of lasting value by developing the fine arts in the Ozarks. If our purpose resonates with you, please contact the Conservatory for further information about joining our faculty. Call or text 417-592-1756.

What we are not looking for:

A non-ideal candidate would be passionate for something other than teaching: performing, composing, recording, etc. This non-ideal candidate would prioritize these other passions before teaching. A non-ideal candidate would put music students in 2nd place for their professional life. The non-ideal candidate would be looking to put in the minimum amount of effort, care and concern into lessons, as earning a few extra bucks is the only objective for the non-ideal candidate. We are not looking for a teacher looking to teach a few students on the side to earn supplemental income. We are not looking for someone who want to teach at the Conservatory for a few months or years. We hope to find someone who interested in teaching for the duration of their career. A non-ideal candidate would demonstrate the lack of importance he placed on his or her teaching career by running late, dressing very casually, skipping their students’ performances, and neglecting clear communication with their clients.