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Call the Conservatory to discuss enrollment with our admissions specialist: 417-592-1756



The first step to enrolling for private lessons at the Conservatory is to call and schedule your placement session. This initial assessment of the student's current aptitude will help establish the curriculum path for lessons. Placement auditions are designed to build rapport between teacher and student, to determine goals for lessons, and to obtain a clear understanding of expectations. 

Even students with no prior experience are required to complete a placement session. The Conservatory's faculty is skilled at determining a student's aptitude, weather or not the student is a beginner. 

Enrollment in group lessons does not require an audition. 

Audition sessions last approximately 30 minutes. The fee is $25 regardless of which teacher you select. 

If a student is already experienced in their chosen discipline, it is very helpful if she can bring a piece or two to share with the instructor. 

During the placement session, the instructor may suggest that students obtain certain materials, such as rosin or a kneaded eraser, before beginning lessons. Music instructors will make recommendations about which method books will be best for the student's lessons. Please keep in mind that the purchase of music books and supplies are part of the expense involved with taking music lessons. All music method books can be purchased at the Conservatory. 

The Conservatory is located in the Kickapoo Corners Plaza. Kickapoo Corners is the shopping center on South Campbell Avenue containing the At Home Store, Starbucks and Wendy's. Parking is available in the Kickapoo Corners parking lot. Our suite is located directly behind the Amish Furniture Store and beside Lafoon Auto. Our lobby faces South Avenue and is across the street from the tennis courts at Kickapoo High School. On your first trip to the Conservatory, just watch carefully for our front window which is labelled, "Conservatory of the Ozarks."


What to expect

When you call to schedule your first appointment, the Conservatory's admissions specialist will discuss your scheduling needs, budget considerations and goals, to help match you with the right instructor. When you call, it is helpful if you have clear parameters set for you schedule availability and tuition preferences. 

Feel free to visit the Conservatory's faculty page or visit the Conservatory's YouTube, Facebook or Instagram to see pictures and videos of faculty in action. When you call, it can be helpful if you have in mind which teachers you might prefer. In addition to appropriate credentials to match your goals, personality traits of yourself and your teacher are an important factor when selecting your instructor. 

At your appointment, please have a seat in the lobby. Your instructor will come greet you when she is finished with the lesson preceding your appointment. It is not necessary to be early for your appointments at the Conservatory. If you show up punctually or about 5 minutes early for your appointment, that will be adequate. 

Students under the age of 18 will need to have a parent or guardian present for the entire 30-minute audition session. The instructor will go over studio policies and there will be some paperwork to fill out. After the first appointment, it is fine if parents need to drop off their student for lessons, but it is always helpful if the parent is present at the beginning and ending 5 or 10 minutes of each lesson. Instructors will often need to communicate with parents about practice assignments, upcoming performances, and other details. 

There is no need to feel apprehensive about your initial session with your teacher. This is not an audition to determine if you are "good enough" to take lessons. The purpose of this session is to determine if this is the right teacher to help you reach your goals, and to set your plan for how to reach those goals together.